Artica is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the arts community of St. Louis with over 16 years of supporting artists and creators of all ages and backgrounds. Throughout the year, we host workshops to nurture the curiosity and resourcefulness of youth, artist engagement events where conversations and ideas are stimulated and shared, and spontaneous parades through neighborhoods such as Cherokee Street, Tower Grove, South Grand, and Grand Center. Artica Festival is a celebration that inspires collaboration between artists and fosters the development of new, contemporary works of art. This free, unconventional art festival is the culmination of our efforts to promote the advancement of local artists year round.

The festival is filled with site-specific installation art and performances created by professional artists from the St. Louis metropolitan area. An overlapping schedule of events including music, dance, theater, poetry, video, film and performance art will encourage the audience to move around and experience Artica from different perspectives. We emphasize interactive, participatory art that takes its inspiration from the history and environment of the Near North Riverfront.